Good day lovely people. I went to write an examination and at the exam  venue something caught my attention. Don’t worry I will tell you all about it. Ebunoluwa’s hair is definitely an attention seeker. I will tell you all about it in this post. Don’t go away until you are done reading and send me  mail if you think your hair is also an outstanding attention seeker. Email 👉 nnenaturals@gmail.com. Now to today’s post;);).

1. Let’s meet you.(who are you, what do you do, what passion do you have and your general attitude towards life.)
I’m Alabi Ebunoluwa, a 200l student of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in University Of Ibadan.
I am a fashion enthusiast, avid reader, fast learner, basically I love to create things hence my passion lies there. So I sew, make beaded accessories amongst other things. And I’m also into digital marketing. And I also make my hair mostly when its all natural weaving. Here’s a picture of something I did for my lil sis. 👇Her lil sis.



2. How did you come about your passion? What drives you? Would you like to share any of your works with us?
Take sewing for instance, I just love it when I make a dress and it fits just as I want it to. Well that’s really the point of creating, it comes out just as you want it to, at least most times if you work hard enough. So basically getting my desired results drives my passion to create. 👇Her sister;).


3. How do people appreciate/react towards your passion? Has your passion brought any change yet in your environment? If yes, what. If otherwise do you have any in mind?
People just go, ‘Really? You made that, that’s really cool oooo’.Well that’s right about the reaction for now.

Now concentrating on your ‘fro. The first time I saw you, it was certainly your hair that caught my attention. By default, I am attracted to afros, so seeing yours so full and beautiful was like see my “prince charming”😆😆. I told myself that moment, “I have to talk to this girl about her hair”. And that was exactly what I did.

4.How long have you been natural?
My hair became 2 years in May. I started growing it right after secondary school.


5. What is/was your inspiration?
Initially, I was really going to let my hair grow and leave it natural because my mum is a chemist (PhD) and she just keeps going on and on about the adverse effect of chemicals blahhhhh blahhhh. I just decided to leave it, like “whatever mehn”.Then platforms like
Instagram really got me into the whole natural hair  thing.

6.What is your take on African Natural Hair?


think African natural hair is very versatile. You just have to be ready to work with it.


7. Do you have any regimen or routine you would like to share with us?
All I do to my hair is wash with a shampoo and deep condition sometimes.  I don’t use products like that, cause you know, #girlsarenotsmiling😠, no cash o. I just use dark and lovely Leave-in conditioner and shampoo, then my deep conditioner is ‘sofnfree gro healthy’ and that’s about it.

8. What is your favorite hair style?


My favourite hairstyle has to be the high puff, hands down.Protective styling like crochet braids and most times normal weaving could also work.


9. Do you have any Dos and Don’ts for your routine? Does your hair have any addictions or does your hair a TOTAL DISLIKE  for any hair products?
I have no dos and donts. I haven’t really tried out products so I don’t know what my hair dislikes yet. But then, it breaks if I leave it undone for a while.

11. Do you have any hair regrets or hair habit you wish to curb?
No hair regrets, the saddest thing though is shrinkage.

11b. Do you face any challenges as a Naturalista?
Basically, its just annoying when random people ask, why my hair isn’t done. Well, “I have no money, lol, and everything is so expensive”. I would rather save my money and subscribe for internet instead. *grins😝 . And old people don’t understand why you would do twist-outs, they call it ‘dada’. It’s really frustrating. Silly face for the haters *grins😜.


12. What are your short term and long term goals?
Well, no short term goals, but long term, I want my hair to grow as long as my sister’s. *smiles:D

13. Do you have anything to say to anyone who ever considers going Natural but needs inspiration?
Do you want to keep your hair natural? Then just do it.

14.Do you have a blog or any social media you would like us to follow you on?
IG @ebunoluwalabi  ;);)
Fb Alabi Ebunoluwa

Have fun on your natural journey!
Thank you Ebunoluwa for your time and responses. We look forward to seeing you again after you have achieved your goals. nnenaturals loves you and tells you to keep being natural. If you would like to get featured just send a mail to nnenaturals@gmail.com and we would follow due process. Check out my future blog posts.

Don’t forget nneNaturals loves you😘😘.

Chimamanda and Nikki

It is with due respect to all my that I stand here to apologize for my absence over the past few months. This is as a result of some unforeseen circumstances that were beyond my control. To everyone who expected a post every now and then, I am completely sorry you got disappointed and I am BACK  and here to stay..

Before the silence, I promised to write a post on Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Below is a short writeup about her and her natural hair journey. Also a writeup about  Nikki Walton, founder of CurlyNikki.com.

I am Obsessed with hair. ” Chimamanda exclaims. I find this her statement particularly exciting because I happen to be a victim of “Natural hair Obsession.”


Her hair story started when she was a baby. Her mum had only boys and desired a girl so much, not just a girl but A GIRL WITH HAIR ( some girls are actually born without hair). So when she came along with a LOT of hair her mum was so thrilled. One thing she loved most when her mum tendered her hair was when it was stretched out with hot comb. She always had mixed feelings about this because the experience you get when the hot comb touches your ear keeps you in a different state altogether.
In her secondary school, her hair was either left out or in braids. But right after secondary school, Chimamanda relaxed her hair (a typical attitude of someone who has been natural from birth). She described the experience as a huge hair occasion for her and her friends.
She defined relaxers as something that alters the hair chemically and makes it  permanently straight.


Chimamanda Adichie has grown to become of the most popular role models when it comes to Natural Hair. Her love for Hair can be seen in all her writings. Sincerely, I think it is INFECTIOUS.
One comment I get whenever I try to convince people that returning natural is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life, about 85% of them will say ” Chisom, you don’t understand. My natural hair is too hard. It’s because your own(Chisom’s hair) is soft(at this point they touch my hair to feel its texture)”. And I try to tell them,
“I  have a 4b/4c hair type. The only reason my hair is soft is because I have dedicated so much time to growing my hair and having healthy hair. My regular Deep conditioning, constant spritzing, co-washing and tending to the needs of my hair myself have only one goal, To Attain Very Healthy Hair “.

Many of us say our natural hair is too hard, too difficult. But that’s because we weren’t taught how to care for our hair( I’ve discovered the wonders of coconut, castor, Shea and even honey for Softening hair.Trick is, add it when your hair is wet! You get wonderful softness).

People have so many misconceptions about natural hair and the funny thing is that the also have misconceptions about relaxers that they think it’s a better option.
A greater percentage of people believe that relaxers make your hair soft. This is totally wrong. Relaxers have one goal, to change the texture of your hair. Africans have kinky curly coarse textured hair but the moment relaxers are added, it changes in a fraction of seconds to straight smooth textured hair. If you are looking for a way to soften your natural hair then relaxers are not the solution rather moisturizers and a good routine  make a whole lot of difference.



If you are not feeling your hair, You are not  feeling yourself.”

Nikki Walton,popularly known as Curly Nikki is a licensed psychotherapist. She started her blog, http://www.curlynikki.com/?m=1, in 2008 as a way to improve the self esteem of women’s with curly hair. As a psychotherapist, she used her knowledge and transferred it to the growth of her blog by helping women with poor self image feel good about themselves.Sharing her own natural hair story, she encouraged her readers to continue in their journey and to share their experiences as she shared hers because with good hair there is always a better you.
She created CurlyNikki. com to serve as an online “hair therapy session” for those struggling to embrace their naturally curly hair.One of her constant encouragement in her hair journey is her Husband.

” My husband loves my natural hair and actually requested that I wear it natural on our wedding day! I almost cried, because I thought he wanted to see it straight (he likes it straight too, and its been a while!). He has been nothing but supportive, and truth be told, HE is the reason I found the confidence to go natural. He made me look inside of myself and see that the cause of my psychological distress was my irrational belief about how my hair ‘should’ be. My self-awareness of this fact coupled with the education I’ve received from various forums have helped me get past the negativity. Unfortunately, everyone wasn’t as accepting of my decision to go natural, but I’ll have to save that story for another



We have officially come to the end of today’s post. But I would love to show you my natural hair Collage.



Today, we will concentrate on Chidi’s hair journey. I recently saw her without any protective styles and I knew instantly she had a story to tell. She’s proud to flaunt her natural and the best part is that she BEAUTIFUL with it(don’t tell her I said so, OK😜😜). OK, for the real thing continue reading.😗😗

Let’s meet you. A brief summary of who you are.
My name is Odemena Joyce Chidinma. Chidinma or Chidi is fine though. I am a 300 level student of the department of Computer Science, University of Ibadan. I am a Christian. I come from a family of five; mum, dad and  two brothers; I’m in the middle. I grew up with a lot of tom-boy blood in my veins; I’d like to think I still have a bit of that. I love writing, listening to music, junk food, modeling, reading, hanging out with bae and my close friends, shoes, fashion, swimming et cetera.


What do you do and how did you come about your passion? Would  like to share any of your works with us?
I am a writer; always been (sort of). I loved reading books as a child and I made it a habit, it enhanced my writing skills. I think I started writing by keeping a journal and then a poem here, a story there and on and on. I have a blog now which I use basically as an archive. It’s titled ‘The Eclectic Archivist’. I’d like to think my writing has had an effect on the society in one way or the other; through one person or another. I believe words are a very powerful tool and it would be a blessing to inspire someone with my writing; to chase their dreams, pick up a pen and write, love harder, work harder, something good, anything good.
I’m also a model. I do more of freelance jobs these days because I postponed joining an agency till I get more time to focus on this aspect of my life. I love modeling and it’s not just because I get the ‘Oh wow! You should model, you have the height and face for it!’ comment often, even though that was one of the things that encouraged me to try it out. I love the confidence it brings out of a person, it is sort of an esteem-booster; especially on the runway- for me. 
I’m a lot of things lol..but those are ‘low-key’ for now.

Now concentrating on your fro, does she have name?
Hahaha, my fro does not have a name. If I were to name it, I’d give it The Chi-fro and trademark it, of course.


How long have you been natural and what was your inspiration?
I’ve been on natural hair for approximately one year. Although before I had my big chop, I had left my undergrowth un-relaxed for about six months. At the time I did the big chop, a good number of people were going natural in my school but the one person whose journey inspired me to go ahead with the chop was my friend, Ini Ajayi. She encouraged me to go for it. The reason I wanted to go natural though, was to ‘treat’ my hair. What I mean is, I’ve always had really tough hair and it used to be so tiring then. I wanted to solve the problem from the very root so I figured, why not cut it and condition the hair from the base as it grows. And so that’s what I did. I had cut my hair before, while growing up but then, I really didn’t know how to care for my hair so it just grew back tough, like it was before I cut it.

What is your take on African natural hair?
I absolutely love African natural hair. I love NEARLY everything about it; the coils, texture, fullness, look, etc. 


Do you have a regimen or routine you would like to share with us?
I wouldn’t say I have a specific regimen i stick to. I sort of just go with it, most times. I wash my hair once a week or two weeks with shampoo and then condition. Sometimes, if it feels too greasy later on, I just co-wash (conditioner-only washing). 

Does your hair have any addictions? Any Dos and Don’ts for your routine?
If there’s anything all natural hair types love unconditionally, it’s water and my hair is no exception. To style, water. To comb out, water. Just for the fun of it, water. I could say water is my hair addiction 🙂
I use shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and aloe vera on my hair. I intend to get some other oils soon. I do this thing where I add the oils and water together in a handy spray bottle and spray my hair anytime it’s dry at any time of the day. I totally avoid heat and any treatment involving it. I tried it once and my hair felt so dry, I had to go pour water on it immediately I got home.
Last but not the least on the regimen stuff, I do protective styles a lot to help my hair grow and basically, protect it. My hair used to cut a lot and it still cuts a bit so for it to grow (or look like it’s growing), I need to do some really nice braids that would tuck the hair in nicely and allow it time away from combs and the lot.

Do you have a favourite protective hairstyle?
I don’t have a favorite natural hairstyle but I always love the afro look after twist-outs the night before. My protective styles range from fixing weaves to braiding and artificial dreads.


Any hair regrets or something you think you should have done in another way if given the opportunity?
I do have a hair regret and it is that I didn’t think of going natural to condition my hair earlier than I did. If I had thought of this or heard of it when I cut my hair in JSS1, I’d possibly have an about eight year old natural hair right now and that means a huge-ass fro!

I am certain you have long term and short term hair goals. Would you like to share that with us?
My long term goal is like I said earlier, to have a relatively soft and healthy natural crazy full Afro! I love Afros, if you haven’t noticed lol.

Do you have any advice to those people out there who still have second thoughts about going natural?
If you have had thoughts about going natural but are still hesitating, come on what are you waiting for!!!! The only thing I’d say is you need to be patient with your hair. It takes time to grow and even more time to soften. It needs love, dedication and resources and if you’re not ready to give it the basic things it needs, then I wouldn’t advise you to go natural. I wouldn’t want you to be that person who does the big chop and after a few months, gives up and uses relaxers because you cannot ‘deal’. If you have thought about it all and feel you can handle it but are hesitating maybe because you’re scared of how the short hair would look, I assure you it would not be THAT bad lol. Besides, fedoras and other hats and caps are available for a reason and it’d give you a totally different look. Everyone needs to do something different once in a while. Go for it!

Any social media where we can follow your work and know more about you?
You can connect with me on twitter and instagram: @hit_ghirl
and the link to my blog is: theeclecticarchivist.wordpress.com


Have fun on your natural journey!
Thank you Chidi for your time and responses. We look forward to seeing you again after you have achieved your goals. nnenaturals loves you and tells you to keep being natural. If you would like to get featured just send a mail to nnenaturals@gmail.com and we would follow due process. Check out my Chimamanda’s post. I had a few issues posting before this.

Don’t forget nneNaturals loves you😘😘.


Hey people, I know I have been AWOL recently and I am sorry. This has been as a result of being a Computer Science student at the University of Ibadan. There are just so many assignments, school books to read and responsibilities to handle. I practically always carry over the “type blog post ”  on my “to do list” because eventually at the end of the day there is always no energy left in me.But today is different☺. Sadly,NASU is on strike so, we all know what that means, NO CLASS!!:'(;).I insisted on blogging and refuse to listen to the voice that kept saying “no blogging today”🙌. I have come to realize that the most difficult fight to win is the fight within yourself. Anyway to the business of the day.

This question applies to all sections. Please do well to voice your opinions.
What do you think about Nigerian guys who keep their hair and actually let it grow so long? What is your opinion about those guys who decide to make their hair into a weave and  do all the stuff a lady would do to her hair?
There is no right answer just opinions.

Have you heard about NITC ’14.  Checkout their webpage http://naturalnigerian.com/2016/03/naturals-in-the-city-14-flyer/.
NITC which is  the acronym for “Naturals in the City” is a quarterly natural meetup and it’s on Saturday March 12, 2016. From research, it was established in 2011 and it’s organized to encourage you and I to aim towards living better by embracing a more natural lifestyle.

1. Kitchenbutterfly will be there. You can check out her website. It is completely awesome. Her random food combination have the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. If only we could eat foods seen in pictures I would have been sooo fat😁😁😁. Her foods will be avaliabe at the meetup just for you. The link to her web page http://www.kitchenbutterfly.com
2. Opportunity to check out new hair products brand. The brands you have desperately needed their products will be at the meetup. You don’t have to search very far now because they are at your doorstep😁. You definitely don’t want to miss this opportunity.
3. You get to meet people who share the same views with you on the “everything must be natural perspective ”. Because Networking is important:):).
4. It is organized by the thekinkandi https://thekinkandi.wordpress.com and and natural nigerian http://naturalnigerian.com. An opportunity to actually meet them in person😆. CELEBRITY ALERT!!!
That is everything for upcoming events. Now to “the Woman that I love“. It’s all about Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Check out my next blog post for more.

Mum defends 16 year old daughter after she got suspended from school for wearing natural hair

Mum defends 16 year old daughter after she got suspended from school for wearing natural hair http://www.lindaikejisblog.com/2016/02/mum-defends-16-year-old-daughter-after.html
** ** ** ** ** ** **** ** ** ** ** ** **
I totally had to share this post I saw on Linda Ikeji’s blog. Can you believe this? I think this is racism taking a different turn. Seriously, people actually get hurt by black peoples’ afro. This is sickening!!! What do you think. Your opinions are necessary.
Don’t forget:
1. nneNaturals loves her natural hair and wants you to love yours too.
2. nneNaturals loves you and wants you to come back😘😘.

Nigerian Mothers and their daughter’s Val Date.

“Mummy now, I told you today is my wash day,” Osi whined😱.
“Wash wetin. Woman, better go and wash those plates and cook afternoon food for us to eat ooo,” Mrs Okafor told her daughter 😒.
“Mummy but we already discussed this. I told you I am Obiora’s Valentine date,” Osi whined the more.
“See this girl ooo. You told me you like him and you want him to ask you out. Now you are telling me that he is your Valentine date. Abeg, better go and do what I told you to do .”
“Is it now bad for a girl to say yes to be a boy that she likes Val date”.
“Osinachi, you are still a small geh ooo. Just 500l and love is doing your body tingle tingle. What will happen when you are doing NYSC now. Have you even told ‘my oga at the top’.”
“Mummy, but the agreement was that I will go and you will tell ‘ our oga at the top’ for me.”
” Nooooo, he is ‘MY oga at the top’ not YOUR own. Go and look for your own. If I see those your cockroach legs outside this house on February 4 eeeeeh without you telling him, you will hear nwii.”
“I don’t know whether you people in this house want to marry me ooo. You people don’t want me to find the bone of my bone, the rib of my rib and the one that completes me, “Osinachi replied.
“Story for the gods. Enter the kitchen joor,” her mum responded.
“I will go and cook but once I am done please free me when I am washing my hair ooo. And mummy Valentine is February 14 not 4. Better don’t say February 4 outside if not people will laugh at you. Nigerian Mothers shaaa.”
“What did you just say?”
“That I love you so much and you are the BESTEST mother ever, ” Osinachi replied faking a smiling face. 😁😁
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
I know this is a belated post but like we all know ‘it’s better late than never.’  HAPPY VALENTINE SEASON  TO YOU ALL.


nneNaturals wishes you a happy belated Valentine. You should not also forget that she loves you all.


nneNaturals loves all her readers.